Request to Parents

That the ward notes down the home work daily in his/her hand book

That the ward has done the homework himself/herself independently.

That is the ward is regular, punctual and in proper school uniform

That they have intimated the school authorities about your change of address or telephone number.

That they should reply to the notes of class in charge recorded on the pages of this hand book.
That they deposit monthly fee of your ward in time.

That they should inform the class teacher in case of any problem regarding the health of their ward.
Parents are expected to visit the school continuously for 7 days or for more then 7days in a month without getting leave granted his/her name will be struck off from the school register and he/she will have to get readmission for which readmission fee is Rs.500/-.

Liabilty For Damage

Parents may be required to re-imburse the school for damage to school property or other people’s property caused by their children, whatever the reason, but especially the case of willful or negligent action.