School Uniform & School Timing

School Uniform
We encourage students to wear their school uniform with pride and to live up to our high standards. The school uniform creates a sense of belonging to our school community and sets the tone for all our work, high stands hard work and determination being central to a successful future.


  • Yellow Shirt (Tie Collars)
  • Royal Blue Trouser
  • Yellow Socks with red Stripes
  • Black Shoes
  • Royal Blue Patka (For Sikh Boys)
  • Girls
  • Yellow shirt(Tie Collars)
  • Royal Blue Full Pleated Tunic
  • Yellow Socks with Stripes
  • Black Shoes
  • Blue Ribbon
  • Winter
    Red Pullovers
    Red Pullovers

    School Timing

    Pre-Nur to K.G
    7:50am to12:30pm
    1 to 10
    7:50am to 1:45pm
    8:30am to 12;45pm
    8:30am to 2:40pm