Sr.NoName of the Staff MemberDesignationQualificationD.O. BD.O.JD.O.C
1Mrs.Poonam SharmaPrincipalM.A, B.ED15-01-197402-04-200801-10-2008
2Mrs. Nisha AgarwalPGTM.A, B.ED09-09-197010-04-200701-11-2007
3Mr.Jatinder RanaPGTM.PED, M.PHILL02-04-198216-07-201817-01-2019
4Ms. Neha BishtPGTM.SC, B.ED06-03-199416-09-201920-03-2020
5Mrs. Banita RaniPGTM.A, B.ED23-12-197715-01-202017-07-2020
6Mrs. Gagandeep KaurPGTM.SC, M.PHIL, B.ED28-10-198406-09-202110-03-2022
7Ms. Divya PandayPGTB.Sc,B.ed,   M.Sc(Physics)30-06-199704-04-202207-10-2022
8Mrs.Manju SharmaPGTM.COM, B.ED16-05-198403-07-202307-01-2024
9Ms.Preety GandhiTGTB.SC, B.ED02-07-199402-11-201509-05-2015
10Mrs. Kamakshi SinglaTGTB.A, PGDCA, M.SC, MCA01-03-198506-10-202110-04-2022
11Mrs.DeepikaTGTB.A, B.ED, M.A03-10-198801-07-202206-01-2023
12Mrs. Manisha RanaTGTB.A,B.ed.   M.A(Eng, Hindi)14-04-198811-07-202215-01-2023
13Mrs. NeelamTGTB.A,B.ed.   M.A(Punjabi)13-07-199301-08-202205-02-2023
14Mrs.Hema SyalPRTB.A, B.ED, DCA11-11-197804-07-201208-01-2013
15Ms.Kavita VermaPRTB.COM, B.ED04-10-197413-04-201717-10-2017
16Ms. Srishti MauryaPRTB.A, B.ED29-03-199001-12-202105-06-2022
17Mrs. Niti JainPRTMCA21-11-199201-02-202204-08-2022
18Mrs. Navjot KumariPRTB.A, B.ED06-02-198001-02-202204-08-2022
19Mrs. Charu PRTB.A, B.ed, MBA13-11-198601-08-202205-02-2023
20Mrs. Reema ChauhanPRTB.A, Diploma in CSE22-10-199201-09-202205-03-2023
21Ms. SimranPRTB.Sc13-12-199901-12-202203-06-2023
22Mrs. Lakhvinder KaurPRTBBA, B.ED09-11-199401-05-2023NA
23Mrs. Manju KumariPRTMA, B.ED14-12-199401-05-2023NA
24Mrs. Asha DeviPRTD.ED02-08-199501-08-2023NA
25Mrs. Neeru BalaNTTM.A, N.T.T15-10-197201-04-200805-10-2008
26Mrs. Pooja RaniNTT N.T.T04-10-198113-01-200920-07-2009
27Mrs. Promila SharmaNTTM.A, N.T.T, ITI05-09-197608-04-201310-10-2014
28Mrs.Mamta SethiNTTN.T.T, DCA23-08-197601-08-200806-02-2009
29Ms. Nisha SehgalNTTB.A,M.A, NTT13-09-197001-08-202206-02-2023
30Ms. Renu BishtPTIB.Ped, M. Ped05-05-199707-10-202210-04-2023
31Ms.Parul GuptaCLERKM.COM, PGDCA11-09-198015-11-200720-05-2008
32Mrs.Geeta SharmaLibrarianM.A, N.T.T, B.LIB01-07-198104-01-201007-07-2010
33Mrs.Leena KaliaWellness TeacherB.A, B.ED, N.T.T08-11-198415-07-201320-01-2014
34Mrs.Jasdeep KaurSpecial EducatorB.A,B.ED23-10-198513-07-201620-01-2017
35Ms. Himanshi DheerCouncillorB.COM, MAPC09-11-199801-08-2023NA
36Mrs. VeenaReceptionistB.Com, NTT26-02-198201-08-202205-02-2023

Teacher With a Difference

DCJPS positions the teachers at the pinnacle of the learning process- but with a difference. The teacher is no longer the provider of all knowledge; He or she is a ‘facilitator’. Who uses the new technology to motivate the Student to explore for themselves the world of knowledge Motivated and inspired. By the opportunity of learning to innovate, an innovating to learn, the teacher at LDCJPS continuously renews and updates subject knowledge and pedagogy. The teacher is a leader and motivator, role model and mentor. Learner and innovator leading by example, Comfortable with convergence technologies, as tools for learning evaluation. The teachers extensively use multi media and audio visual classroom aids

Mentor and Role Model

The teacher at LDCJPS, in varying capacities of subject teacher, House mentor or activity guide or a fellow sportperson,develops with the number of students under his/her change a close rapport &relationship that comforts the students to learn and grow in an atmosphere of affection, warmth,trust,togetherness and openness. Positive and enabling environment enables the student to delve into the treasure of talent and merit within.