For the admission application forms are made available along with the school prospects. Admission based upon admission test which is obligatory. Candidates seeking admission are normally given the test in the subjects of English,Hindi,Science and mathematics.

Admission Form

Parents/Guardians of the selected candidate are required to fill the admission form which they will collect from the school office and submitted the filled up admission form to the school office.

Parents have to ensure that

All entries in the admission form are written legibly and correctly Original Birth Certificate from registrar(For Pre-Nur/Nur only)

Original TC from school last attended

Character Certificate from the head of the institution last attended(8to10)

Result Card of the class last passed (1to10)


A Concessions of Rs. 100/- in tutions fees will be allowed to the sibling of the pupil studying in the Junior class.

Transport Charges

Transportation charges depend upon the different destination.
Transport charges are to be paid in advance every month.
There is no facility for one way travel.
Bus facility once started will not be discontinued during the session.
The students are charged for full month whether they use school transport for full month or part thereof.